cenotaph (shark’s mouth) (2023)

ÌgbínÌgbín (2022)

An interactive and creative code visual refrencing the Yoruba creations story, Ifa Corpus and African contribution to the binary system. Please view on full screen and desktop for the full interactive experience

                                                                                                                           [click here for full access]

A Renaming: The [Dis]Rupture of Sonic Sigils (2023)

[still a work in progress]

Ideograms and ideographs are generally regarded as soundless containers that carry meaning through their form. This project uses the algorithms within data sonification software to extract individualized soundscapes from a series of ancient West African symbols. Each sound-body serves as a spiritual encoding and disruptive incantation aiming towards the colonial status quo. The fleeting noise is intended to be used by any querent in need of activating the symbol’s essence.

                                                                                  [listen]                     [listen]                       [listen]                     [listen]

Collective Herbal Directory 


                                                                                                                              [access document here]